Refutbished ISOVOLT HS Collection

Change-over to run different tube types (directional and scenic radiating units)

Isovolt Mobile
Compact layout

Careful tube therapy through real time controlled warm-up program.
The ISOVOLT mobil comes with a little X-ray tube along with a cable of around 20m length, allowing standard-mandated radiographs at hard-to-reach areas.
Operator advice via clear-text messages in Many languages


Since 1930, when SEIFERT established its continuous possible X-ray gear of the ISOVOLT show this X-ray technologies has comprised a state of the artwork in industrial materials analysis.

Quick control systems which are based on the medium-frequency converter technique resulted in the creation of generators.
Acceptable for continuous operation.

Continuous developments of this ISOVOLT gear in addition to the experience gained from industry-specific power electronics and digital technologies have led to a brand new generation of continuous potential X-ray gear, the ISOVOLT HS collection.
Communication Using a large LCD screen.


High dose rate because of reduced ripple of high voltage
Ergonomic computer keyboard, even to be used with functioning gloves

Integrated error identification program

High stability of working values Because of rapid control systems

Merchandise line of this Stationary High Stability X-Ray Gear ISOVOLT HS
Moderate frequency technologies
Integration in existing inspection systems through RS 232C interface

Dual-focus performance

Fits through narrow-width entry doors (> 650 mm)

The ISOVOLT mobil was designed to deal with hard object availability. It’s principally utilized in the review of pipelines and vessels.
Apartment transportation potential

Fix of high voltage generator potential onsite