The new regulatory RNAs: circRNAs

The RNA circular (circRNAs) are a type of non – coding RNA newly discovered and opens a promising new field of research.
They are RNA molecules with a closed ring shape that maintains their structure thanks to covalent bonds. The vast majority of these circRNAs originate from exons and are highly conserved across species.
Among its main characteristics are its high stability, much higher than that of linear RNA due to resistance to nuclease degradation, and its abundant presence in the cytoplasm. But, without a doubt, the most relevant is the high presence in its sequence of target sites for microRNAs.
Due to all these characteristics, circRNAs have been gaining scientific relevance due to their role as “miRNA sponges” , a type of so-called “competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNAs)” that would exercise their regulatory function by hijacking miRNAs and preventing them from having instead its natural mRNA inhibitory function.
The differential expression of these circRNAs in tissues and / or cells at different stages of development, together with their long half-life, proposes them as possible candidates for biomarkers in various diseases or developmental control.
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